Welcome to MCA Urban and Environmental Planners

Cities and urban places are where most people live, work and play.  How cities and urban places work matters.  Urban planning lies at the heart of making them better.  In our complex and constantly changing world this requires ongoing learning and adaptation based on evidence and feedback.

We are a team of urban planners who actively connect with people, evidence, research, ideas and aligned professionals in pursuit of improving urban places. We work to understand complex systems across scales to deliver impactful results. We provide our services with a commitment to sustainable development.  Our planning is a ‘public good’ service, and our Client focus is government departments and agencies, non-profit organisations and other agencies.

Established in 1997, MCA has developed and deepened its skills and expertise over the past 21 years in pursuit of this. We do this through:

  • Connecting ideas: MCA critically engages with research and evidence to inform responses to development challenges.
  • Connecting scales and systems: MCA builds on our experience and expertise to contextualise challenges across scales and systems.
  • Connecting expertise: MCA works in partnership with aligned professionals and experts in the interests of doing today, what will lead to a sustainable and healthy world tomorrow.