Day Zero is the day when the water supply dams for the Cape Metro Region reach 13.5% and the water can no longer be supplied to citizens, businesses and agriculture. It is the day when the taps are, quite literally, turned off.
Day Zero is an alarming prospect. In fact access to drinking water is perhaps the least concerning issue. Far more dangerous and damaging are the impacts in terms of public health as sewage can no longer be flushed, loss of jobs as businesses can no longer operate and all the activities that drive the economy and society come to a halt. It is a scenario which cannot be allowed to occur. Yet it is a very real prospect.
MCA, through its work with the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership, is supporting their “Engaged Citizenry” campaign. This is a drive, in partnership with other civil society organisations, to mobilise citizens to take action and prevent Day Zero. As part of this Gill Cullinan and Timothy Blatch helped formulate and design the attached info graphic, “How to affect the timing of Day Zero”. This iinforms citizens about what they can do to help push back Day Zero and hopefully ensure in never becomes a reality. Fingers crossed…

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