WC Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (November 2006 – May 2007)

The WC Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning appointed MCA to develop a set of planning manuals to provide guidance to municipalities on implementing key spatial restructuring strategies. The aim: To positively deconstruct apartheid urban patterns and restructure urban settlements into liveable, integrated and supportive environments. The tools: Urban edges, densification, the infill of vacant land and the better utilization of under-utilized land – along with socio-economic and spatial integration to contribute to a desired urban form and make public transport viable. MCA undertook a detailed analysis of strategies and concepts that had proved themselves in application and also consulted with different built environment sectors to assess viable approaches and strategies. This resulted in a restructuring manual, with associated with step-by-step guidelines, summary posters and digestible synthesis for use by municipalities.

Western Cape Settlement Restructuring Manual