Solutions orientated

MCA offers a range of services aligned to its core focus on using urban and regional planning and spatial planning to enable sustainable, long-term, solutions.  These include research into development challenges and associated framing of development solutions and approaches, the development of guidelines, management plans and strategic plans.  We have specific areas of expertise and experience. This includes:

  • Greening, resilience and climate adaptation and mitigation as related to the built environment.
  • Tourism related plans and planning and associated local area based planning.
  • Development and implementation of built environment related training programmes, knowledge management and the curation and management of learning networks/communities of practice.
  • The editing, refinement and tailoring of publications, along the management, packaging and design of publications.

Given that much of the work in the development and planning field is process orientated, we compliment these services, where appropriate, with facilitation and communication skills, including graphic facilitation.  Graphic facilitation is the use of custom, hand-drawn posters that engage audiences and support engagement and discussion.

We also have experience in providing longer-term, embedded technical assistance support to agencies and government organisations across our work areas.

Our work focusses on supporting the public and non-government sector so we do NOT focus on traditional planning areas (such as re-zonings and land-use change applications).  However, we do do this work where it relates to human settlements and/or specialist support to the development of land use management systems.  We also do not focus on traditional environmental work (such as Environmental Impact Assessments).  Here again we do sometimes provide specialist land use planning and management inputs to EIAs, tourism plans and so forth.  But this is on a selective basis, and usually where there are unusual or challenging aspects with opportunities for learning.

Many of the projects we undertake require working with a team of professionals and specialists.  This requires a good understanding of how to blend the relative skills and experience of the team, provide clear terms-of-reference and management the project and team as a whole.  MCA has a good track record and experience in project managing planning related projects and programmes.

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Value add

Understanding of policy and programmes and established working relationships with government and agencies.

Connection of theory and policy to practice.

Knowledge of, and commitment to, developmental policies and strategies.

Planning, development, training and associated technical skills, experience and expertise.

Strategic and systems thinking capabilities – with an emphasis on constant learning and adaptation.

Ability to engage with a range of role players.