People are drawn to city living because of the incredible creativity that happens when people with diverse backgrounds and interests end up living and working together. One such creative force is Cape Town-based ceramic artist Andile Dyalvane, who is known for creating pieces based on the traditional meat platters and milk pails of his Eastern Cape childhood; he uses scarification as a linear design element, and his work connects him to his rural roots. Now, however, he lives in Cape Town and works in a vast, light-filled studio in Woodstock with views across the city to Table Bay. While still working with traditional forms, his inspiration increasingly comes from the urban environment that he sees every day – the cranes in the docks, the buildings lining Albert Road, and pedestrians as they go about their daily business. These urban scenes are finding their way into his work, and he draws cityscapes, architectural silhouettes and human scenes. Andile is working on an exhibition later in the year, so look out for his ‘View from the Studio’ collection for an inspired glimpse of Woodstock’s city spirit.; [email protected]; 021 447 2627; 073 505 7147.