Wetlands, in particular, are an important part of freshwater systems that are undervalued and therefore undermined by urban and rural planning and land uses. With the competition for access to water expected to become even fiercer, it is necessary to intervene not only through policy but intentionally through spatial planning too. It is therefore necessary to unpack how spatial planning policy and tools may be used to conserve and enhance wetlands in our municipalities.

On 23 March 2017, Rebecca Cameron of MCA Urban and Environmental Planners presented ‘Wetalnds and Spatial Planning’ at the LOCS4Africa Water and Climate Conference in the City of Ekurhuleni. The conference was hosted by ICLEI Africa and focused on Localising Integrated Urban Water Management,  Sustainable Sanitation Solutions for Africa’s Future, Driving Local Climate Action, Urban Planning for Water Smart Cities, Accessing Water & Climate Financing for Cities, Resource Efficient & Resilient Cities, and Water for Healthy Cities.

See the presentation and related text here: Wetlands and Spatial Planning_LOCS4Africa_23 March 2017_Presentation Wetlands and Spatial Planning_LOCS4Africa_23 March 2017_Text